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about me.

When my middle child was seriously brain injured as a baby, life took an abrupt turn, and I found myself on a path I would never have willingly travelled.  It has been one of many an emotion, but one that has brought along the way huge gifts as well as intense challenges. 

My art has undoubtedly been informed by this;  in many ways, it was my therapy, and along the way, have found myself in the company of others who have travelled a similar sort of path, one that takes you to the edges, the 'borderlands' of experience.  All I can say really, is that when my art has spoken to someone, it’s felt like a good thing. Connecting with others through art, especially those who have 'extra ordinary' needs has been the richest of blessings. 

Covid brought impasse, waiting… and personally, a big  transition for my  now 26 year old son,  leaving home and beginning his grown up life living within a Camphill Community.  During this time, I was compelled  to delete my old website, an ‘ending’, to symbolise the significance of my sons ‘moving on’. Still very much part of our live, but also forging his own way, becoming who he can fully be which would not be possible without being part of a Camphill Community.  

During this time of transition, which was all of 2021,  I created lots of inky drawings of dreamy women and children, initially packing away all my messy oils, like some sort of needed ritual, no space for anything that was ‘heavy’ and ‘messy’, complicated.  2022 has seen me less productive on the exhibition front, but still creating work and working more with people who wish to explore their creative journey.

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